Fitz September 15 2016 – The Five Important Points A Water Filter Must Perform

Fitz Sept 15 2016 – The Five Important Points A Water Filter Must Perform.

We’ve got a perfect blend of music. As you know, I take you genre by genre all over the music spectrum, great music on the way. But first, I want to reconnect with our friend Rick Allen of Pure Elements. It’s the parent company of Crystal Clear Home, that great water filtration system you’ve heard me talking about for years.

I love mine and it’s so great to shower and drink water from every faucet in our house. The other day — it’s so funny — Wendy was in the bathroom and she had a cup of water that was out. I came in and I said, “I’ll go get you some water,” and she said, “You don’t have to go get me some water, I’ve got the water right here from these faucets.”

I just had a brain freeze and I forgot about that. Anyway, that’s my long introduction for Rick Allen. Good morning, Rick.

Rick: Good morning, Fitz. How are you?

Jim: I’m great.

Rick: It sounds like you’re doing great.

Jim: I’m doing spectacular, thank you so much. It’s a beautiful day in our desert paradise and we are always thrilled to go ahead and spread the word about Crystal Clear Home, the great water filtration system. Your company, Pure Elements, keeping us all healthy and up-to-date on what our water system is here in the desert. You’re going to go briefly run down the five points of the benefits of this system for us this morning.

Rick: Absolutely. I think it’s important to remind everybody in our valley what they should be looking for when they delve into addressing their water conditioners on their total property. I’ll just run down quickly the five really important things.

My biggest passion, as you’ve known for years, is getting the chemicals and things out of the bath and shower water and out of the home living environment. These different things, many of which are carcinogenic, they are aerosol. We take them in through our pores and into our lungs and that’s the greatest area of exposure we have to water-borne problems.

Number one, you want to eliminate those things, both from your bathing experience and your entire household environment because they migrate out into the living space and hang out for a few hours. That’s been my biggest passion for well over 30 years. The second thing is drinking water.

You should be able to get good quality drinking water without any salt added and with the natural minerals that we have in the water left intact, the helpful minerals, but with the chemicals and heavy metals, as well as pharmaceuticals and things addressed so that water tastes great and is slightly alkaline actually, which a lot of our healthcare longevity guys love today.

I’m not a super fan of the high, high alkaline waters on a regular basis, but I think it’s great to be able to grab this out of your faucet somewhere at a slightly alkaline level of maybe 7.6 to 7.8 on that. Hard water issues are just a pain in the neck. You should be able to address those things. As you know, we feature products that address that inside the home without the use of any salt.

high alkaline water may not be good

We’re doing that in an environmentally sound manner which fits right in line with the first two things we were talking about. No slippery feeling, nothing harmful for the environment and perfect ability to water houseplants and do all the different things that you want to do with your water inside the house.

You move to the total property side of things, so item number four is the swimming pools and water features, and fountains and things. There is no perfect fix because every one of these is a piece of art actually, but we’re very effective at reducing staining at the water line as you know from your previous pool…

Jim: It’s so ugly, that white, that salt, that leeching looks so, you know.

Rick: It does and just as importantly from the standpoint of protecting your wallet, we want to protect the infrastructure. The pumps and the recirculating system, and all of those different things from the damage that the hard water creates. That has to be done in a salt-free manner.

A traditional water softener will destroy a pool, so be very careful as you delve into the total property things. Make sure you’re dealing with experts that can do that without the use of salt. Last but not least, we benefit landscape and irrigation systems, and all the plant life.

What I love is to go through one of our golf communities, drive down the street, and you’ve got very similar homes with very similar landscaping. You see a house that has our system and everything is going crazy. Gardeners are trying to keep up. It’s all bright green and luscious and the rest of the homes look not so much.

That’s because our salt-free water conditioning approach allows you to use less water, less fertilizer and really benefits and promotes the growth and the vibrancy of the plant life. Those are the five things. You know, chemical-free bathing.

Jim: It’s great, the benefits. People ask Wendy and me all the time when we’re out and about, “Does that really work?” I always say a big Y-E-S, it most definitely does. Now, let me ask you a question. What university of water did you go to anyway?

Rick: It’s the Rick University of Hard Knocks of 37 years of learning. I’m connected with a lot of the very top engineers in the industry and I have access to a lot of guys that are much, much, much more deeply educated in it than I am. I’m just very lucky to be able to have learned a lot from those guys along the way.

Jim: What got you interested Rick in water? What got you interested in really delving into learning about it?

Rick: I had always wanted to own my own company and we looked at a whole bunch of different options when I was in the middle of my college years in 1979. Actually, my father was instrumental in starting the office coffee service industry where people bring out a coffee brewer and then, they supply you all of the ancillary things from coffee to tea to water.

He actually introduced water as something that was important to offices way back in the day. I kind of grew up in a water family. I guess you could just say that we are the Allen’s Waterman’s family.

Jim: There you go. Rick Allen, always a pleasure. I knew there was a backstory there. We encourage everyone to get in touch with you and if we’ve piqued your attention, call Rick. Crystal Clear Water, it’s everything he says. I just can’t testify enough. 346-4850, find out how you can get your own Crystal Clear Home water filtration system. 346-4850. Rick, always a pleasure.

Rick: Thank you very much for taking my call, Fitz.

Jim: Always a pleasure. Thanks for educating us about the water situation and thanks for keeping us updated, and thanks for keeping us healthy, man.

Rick: Best I can do.

Jim: There you go, baby. Make it a terrific Thursday.

Rick: You too, I’ll talk to you very soon, Fitz.

Jim: Thank you so much, Rick.

Palm Springs, CA

Chromium 6 Federal Legal Limits are 500 Times LESS Stringent Than Requested

Fitz: Appropriate time to catch up with my friend. Rick Allen, from Pure Elements, the parent company of Crystal Clear Home. You hear me talking about Crystal Clear Home Water Filtration System. Wendy and I have enjoyed it for years. We got a new one recently, and it works spectacular. And Rick, how do you like all this rain water, baby?

Rick: Listen, I’m a big fan of the rain Fitz. We need water to treat.

Rick-Allen-interviewed-by-Jim-Fitz-Fitzgerald-CV-104.3-radio-Chromium 6--Jan-23-2017

Fitz: No doubt.

Rick: We actually need good water coming out of the sky to dilute what we got coming out of the ground, to be honest.

Fitz: Well, we’re definitely getting our share of it, that’s for sure.

Rick: Well, it’s good to have a little bit more seasonal transition I think for all of us.

Fitz: Yeah, no doubt man. So, how’s everything at Crystal Clear Water?

Rick: It couldn’t be better. It’s a New Year, fresh perspective, and just moving forward. And as you know our water quality is not getting any better, so we’re helping a lot of people address those issues, and I thought I’d just kind of take a bird’s eye view of what’s going on with the water in the desert right now, and at least the high points of what we’re keeping an eye on.

Fitz: Go for it.

Rick: And basically, in summarizing what we got going on in the desert, the biggest thing on the radar right now is the metals issue with Chromium 6, which is, you remember, is the Erin Brockovich one.

Fitz: Right.

Rick: So I’m not sure how many people are aware but you are seeing it in your water bills, you’re seeing it in the news because it’s very much top of mind right now. The Feds set a legal limits for Chromium 6 about a year and a half ago, and that was about 14 years after Erin Brockovich came out with her movie exposing the issues of that. And her office is all up in arms because the legal limit that the Feds set is actually 500 times less stringent than she wanted, that’s 500 times less stringent.

Fitz: Sheesh. That’s unbelievable.

Rick: She’s not really happy.

Fitz: I guess not.


Rick: But at least they’re moving towards regulating it, and it is something that we address in our whole house water systems. It is something you don’t want to have in your drinking water if you can avoid it.

Fitz: What does it do to you?

Rick: It’s been tied to a whole bunch of different birth defects and cancers and a whole grab bag of different health concerns.

Fitz: This is a naturally occurring deal, right?

Rick: Well, it’s both. It’s naturally occurring and it’s also a man-made waste by-product of industry, because the Chromium itself is naturally occurring, with Chromium 6, a lot of times is coming from different production and manufacturing processes and things. So we got a situation where the greater majority of the wealth in the valley, they’re somewhere within compliance or over the line in terms of what’s going with their levels of Chromium 6. So the water districts are scrambling right now to figure out how they’re going to address that. They have several different ways to do it. One is completely build a new plant and then just rest the Chromium 6 that way. Or address it on a well by well basis, or even somewhere in the middle, and tie four or five wells together and then create one mini-plant to address them.

Rick: Right now, my belief is that everything is being done on a well by well basis. So that’s one of the heavy metals, is the one at the top of the radar right now, but of course, arsenic has been something in the valley for a number of years, and all up and down the coast. And that one is more regularly naturally occurring. So the metals are something that we need to address to make sure that we have the best quality drinking water that we can. And then of course we have loads of disinfectants, Chlorine and those different things that we’re actually introducing ourselves. That helps keep our water safe, but it’s something that you don’t need to adjust nor do you need to bathe in it. It can irritate your skin and make your hair dry, and all of those different things. So that’s certainly an issue that we need to address for the water coming into anyone’s home.

Rick: And then we got hard water. And although it’s not as hard as some areas, it certainly destroys water heaters and fixtures and it wreaks havoc in the dish washer and laundry and all those things.

Fitz: Right.

Rick: So, that’s something that we also need to address. And I know you know that we are very big on doing that in a salt-free manner. So, we have a great alternative to the old fashion water softeners. And as you know over the last 15 years or so that’s been very, very popular in the desert as a way to not only help protect fixtures and water heaters and appliances, but also to reduce staining of things on swimming pools and water features, and make things grow better with less fertilizer and less water.

Fitz: Well, Wendy and I love our system. As you know, we encourage everyone to give you a call Rick, at 346-4850. Find out how you can get your own Crystal Clear Home Water Filtration System, it’s a total property system. It is a lot about your health and not wanting to ingest all this weird stuff when you take a bath or shower and when you drink from your faucets, but it also is about is about keeping your pipes clean and just all the functioning appliances that the water goes through because of the hard water system. It’s fascinating how it works. It’s no maintenance. You’ve got to come out and what, check it like every five or six years or whatever.

Rick: Yeah, now we’re looking at pretty much every three to four with the higher levels of metals.

Fitz: Okay. Gotcha. And that’s awesome that you come and test it for that, Rick, and they can personally talk to you, you’re happy to consult them on any questions and you’ve been great with us and we encourage everyone with all the news of this weird water and, of course, not to mention the Chlorine and everything else and the pharmaceuticals and the drinking water, more important than ever to check this option out. 346-4850, find out how you can get your own Crystal Home Water Filtration System. Rick, I appreciate your support of the show and our station and we love spreading the word. “Mr. Rick, water man,” as I love to call him.

Rick: Thank you Fitz.

Fitz: Because you know more about water than anyone that I know, that’s for sure. And I really appreciate you filling our audience in on the ever changing water situation here in the desert, and we look forward to seeing you soon, Rick.

Rick: Alright, keep all the good work up with all that great music you’re playing all the time.

Fitz: There you go. We’re going to get back into it right now. Thank you so much Rick.

Rick: Thanks Fitz.

Fitz: Alright, make it a great day man. Rick Allen, Crystal Clear Water.

Remove Chemicals Found in Local Southern California Water with Custom Whole House Water Filter

Fitz: Speaking of the king, the water king, my buddy Rick Allen from Crystal Clear Home, the parent company, Pure Elements, on the phone with me. Good morning, King.

Rick: Good morning, Fitz. How are you?

Fitz: I’m good, Rick. How are you, man?

Rick: I’m having a great day so far. Thank you for asking.

Fitz: That’s a spectacular thing. Summer time is just churning. We’re so busy in the desert. And everyone is just getting ready for, you know, what happens out here the last part of the year. And it’s gonna be here before we know it. So there’s a great energy happening. I just feel it. There are so many new people coming to town. And, you know, of course, Desert Trip is not that far away. And, you know, the eyes of the world are on the Coachella Valley. Everyone is finding out about our music Mecca out here. And they’re all talking about Crystal Clear Home and how they’re sick of hearing about pharmaceuticals in the drinking water, carcinogens, chlorine, chromium-6, all that stuff that you have the magic potion for.

Water Filter Expert Rick Allen interviewed by Fitz on CV 104.3 radio in Palm Desert CA CV 104.3 Jim Fitz Fitzgerald

Rick: Well, it’s not really magic. I think it’s just a lot of engineering and a lot of years and a lot of experience. It’s gets more challenging every day. They threw another curve ball at us, you know? So we just adjust.

Fitz: There you go. So what’s happening this morning?

Rick: Well, I thought I just do a refresher for everybody about what they should be looking for in a total property system in The Valley in terms of home water systems. So, you know, you and I have talked about the five really critical things. This is not all-inclusive. There are a lot of other benefits. But I just thought I do a quick rundown on those again so that anybody who wants to improve their water out there has the ability to know what to look for, because that’s an important starting point.

Fitz: All right, go for it.

Rick: So, well, I mean the first thing…and you know my biggest passion is to get the chemicals and things out of the bath and shower water, everything we got going on, the chlorine and the disinfection byproducts, which are largely considered carcinogenic. They’re all aerosol. They’re all in our steam. We absorb those readily though our skin and also through breathing. And then, you know, those are two direct shots into the body versus me giving you a glass of water where you can actually have at least some filtration with the digestive track and organs and things.

So the first and foremost thing is to effectively get the chemicals out of both the bathing experience…

And those things, they don’t stay relegated to the shower stall. You know, they hang out in the house for two to three hours after a bath or a shower. So that’s my number one priority from a health-related standpoint. Although we can’t make formal health claims, you know, it’s just makes sense. And, obviously, if anybody has sensitivity to drying agents, like chlorine and those different things, which dries out hair and skin and everything else, removing those things from the bathing experience is gonna give everybody a much better situation when they take their shower or bath.

Fitz: Sure, sure.

Rick: So, you know, and then the drinking water, you got to have protection from the heavy metals in our valley. I mean arsenic and chromium-6 are high on the radar right now, arsenic being more naturally occurring, chromium-6 being a combination of naturally occurring and industrial waste byproducts. And I think you’re seeing the big stir in The Valley right now with everybody…all the water agencies scrambling to try to figure out how to get the chromium-6 out of the well water, because their new regulations that have come in in terms of the feds. So you wanna make sure you have that out of the drinking water as well as the gaseous chemicals, the chlorine, and those disinfection byproducts we talked about and everything. You got to have a good-tasting water too. That’s really important.

So you wanna have that at every facet in the house, which is done with good whole house filtration. And you wanna leave the minerals in. And you want something slightly alkaline in pH at least and nothing acidic like standard reverse osmosis drinking water systems create. So the drinking water is the second priority.

And then not so much on the health front, but you wanna reduce the hard water issues without the use of, you know, the nasty salt-based water softener whenever possible.

And so you wanna protect your plumbing and your tankless water heaters and your fixtures and appliances from the really costly and unsightly scale that occurs, which is really a calcium content in The Valley. You want better dishwashing and laundry, and you wanna be able to use less soaps and less detergents. And, you know, you should be able to do that. And you should be able to accomplish that without having to suffer the slippery or slimy feeling, you know, that happens when you add salt with the traditional water softener.

And then moving in to the total property side of things, you know, everybody has pools or at least water features and fountains. And that’s tricky in our desert climate, because the water evaporates, and that concentrates the minerals. And you get more staining and more stuff going on. So you wanna do everything you can to reduce the scale at the waterline in the pools.

Custom water filter system by Pure Elements - Crystal Clear Water Coachella Valley division

Fitz: Yes, it looks gnarly. It just looks dirty and filthy.

Rick: Yes, it can be really unsightly. And, you know, you wanna keep your pool looking great. But just as importantly, you know, you need to protect the pumps and the infrastructure and all of that, because the hard water just eats that alive too. And repairing a pool can be very expensive, you know?

Fitz: A lot of people don’t think about that, you know, what that does to the pipes and the corrosion and everything else. I mean, you know, Rick, I can attest to everything that you’re saying. And, you know, Wendy and I put our money where our mouths are and believe in this Crystal Clear Home water filtration system big time. I always tell you when we’re out and about oftentimes, because, you know, we’ve been talking about your great product for many, many years and have been using it. And they go, “Does that really work?” We go, “Of course, it does. Yes.”

Rick: Well, that brings us to the last thing, which we did something really cool in your new pad. You know, these systems, they backwash. And it’s very important that in any of this global situation to help on a total property basis, it’s very important that you address the irrigation also. And although we’ve got desert landscape going on, which should use less water and things, you should be able to protect your irrigation system and that infrastructure from hard water issues. And you should be able to achieve a reduction in water usage and fertilizer and keep everything live and vibrant. But these systems…any good system that you would put in always should have an automatic self-cleaning feature. And so that expels a little bit of water. And that water is actually great quality of water. You’re gonna catch me on YouTube drinking that stuff just because it goes backwards though there. It’s very heavily treated.

Fitz: Yeah, I thought that was great. Wendy told me that you explained that to her. And I thought that was a great new feature that you’ve added to that.

Rick: Well, on your house now, that water is being used to irrigate. And so that’s saving, and that essentially makes that system a zero-water-use system also. So environmentally, that’s really cool.

Fitz: Well, thank you so much for explaining this and for hooking us up, Rick Allen. We encourage everyone to get in contact with you, 346-4850, 346-4850. And Rick will be happy to come out and meet with you and answer any questions that you might have. You can check them out online at And, yes, it really does work. for your health, for just great-tasting, clean, worry-free water, so you don’t have to think about what could be in your drinking water, 346 4850 plus all the other benefits that Rick just outlined. Rick, always a pleasure. Thank you so much, and we’ll talk to you next week.

Rick: Hey, Fitz. I totally appreciate it. You have a great rest of your day.

Fitz: You too, Rick. Make it a terrific Thursday.

Rick: All right, rock and roll.

Fitz: Thanks so much.

Rick: Bye.

Fitz: Asthma, emphysema, COPD, cough, wheezing, or too difficult to breathe, all you know is you feel like a fish out of water. There’s a place in the desert with a program that can help, advances in medicine, the following benefits…