Epoxy Pipe Lining May Not Be The Best Choice To Prevent Pinhole Leaks

Hi, this is Rick from Pure Elements. I wanted to talk to you a minute about epoxy pipe lining that is being considered an alternative to stop pinhole leaks in existing homes.

There are several issues with epoxy lining.

The first is there are concerns about MTBEs and BPAs being given off by the resin. There are several different mixtures, and the jury is out as to whether or not this could possibly create a negative health effect.

The second thing is epoxy pipe linings do not always coat evenly. So when you get a spot that doesn’t get coated, you instantly have a leak situation. The epoxy lining companies guarantee that they’ll come back and fix it, but that’s what they end up doing is coming back and fixing it a lot.

Another thing is the longevity on epoxy lining is definitely affected by the chloramines in the water, and over time it will break down and shatter like glass.  It will clog shower heads, fixtures, and everything else, and actually come out in shards that are not appealing for either drinking or consuming.  And a lotta times when we’ve reached that point, the only answer is to completely repipe the house, because you can’t get it all out.

So in our opinion, epoxy lining are lower down on the choices that you have to prevent pinhole leaks.

Epoxy lining uneven coating of copper pipe
Uneven epoxy lining can be a problem. East Irvine, CA is a place where pinholes can be found that epoxy may not be able to fix very well.